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Tru Vue, Inc. and Foundation for Advancement in Conservation
Conservation and Exhibition Grants

Support projects in glazing applications for preservation and exhibition of museum and library collections. Funds are to help defray direct project costs, including contract workers, display fabrication, supplies, and publicity.
Amount: up to $3,000, and a donation of Optium Museum Acrylic┬« or UltraVue┬« Laminated Glass
Deadline: May 15, 2024

Association of Art Museum Curators Foundation
Propel Program

Supports and accelerates a curator’s mid-career advancement through training sessions and workshops, as well as support through a professional network including a pairing with a senior curatorial mentor, a peer cohort, and alumni community.  
Deadline: May 15, 2024

Association of Art Museum Curators Foundation
Professional Alliance for Curators of Color Program 

Seeks to address issues of isolationism, racism, inequity, and lack of access for curators that self-identify as a person of color, with 3-5 years of working experience as a curator (including fellowships and excluding internships) with full-time work in a nonprofit visual art organization within the last 12 months.
Deadline: May 15, 2024. 

Fiesta Bowl Charities
Enhance organizations in Arizona that contribute to the success of their communities through youth, sports, and education.
Deadline: May 17 , 2024

National Endowment for the Humanities
Preservation & Access Education & Training Grant

Funds training and educational resources and services to professionals with topics and programs associated with the work of preserving and providing access to humanities collections; topics may be introductory or advanced.
Amount: up to $350,000
Deadline: May 21, 2024 

National Endowment for the Humanities
Cultural and Community Resilience Grant

Helps communities address the impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic by safeguarding cultural resources and fostering cultural resilience through the identification, documentation, and/or collection of cultural heritage and community experience. Projects should fall into one of two categories: community collecting initiatives or oral history programs.
Amount: $150,000  
Deadline: May 21, 2024 

Western Museums Association
Wanda Chin Scholarship

Underwrites the cost of attending  the 2024 WMA Annual Conference in Tucson, AZ, September 25-28.
Deadline: May 31, 2024

Union Pacific Foundation
Community Ties Giving Program

Provides support to local nonprofit organizations for direct services and efforts that build the capacity of organizations focused on the following causes: safety, workforce development, community vitality, and environmental sustainability in communities where Union Pacific Railroad operates.
Amount: $5,000 to $30,000
Deadline: May 31, 2024

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Diversity Scholarship Program

Scholars receive complimentary registration and a travel stipend to attend PastForward in New Orleans, October 28-30, as well as the opportunity to participate in bi-monthly, virtual convenings which will be held through September 2025.
Deadline: May 31, 2024      

TourWest Grants

Provides subsidies to arts and community organizations for the presentation of touring performers and literary artists.  Eligible expenses include artist fees, administration costs directly related to the regional touring program (including contractor fees), facility rental, accessibility accommodations, marketing/promotion, and artist travel.
Deadline:  May 31, 2024  

The  Center for Conservation of Art and Historic Artifacts  
Subsidized Assessment

Discounted assessments in four categories: : Foundational Plans, Preservation Needs Assessments/Preservation Plans,  Risk Assessments/Emergency Plans, Digital Preservation Assessments.
Deadline: May 31, 2024

National Endowment for the Humanities  
Public Impact Projects at Smaller Organizations

Provides funding for small to mid-sized organizations to aid their efforts to better serve their communities by revisiting interpretive strategies, developing new skills for staff and volunteers, strengthening community engagement efforts, and more.
Amount: up to $25,000
Deadline: June 12, 2024

American Association for State and Local History
Douglas Evelyn Diversity Fellowships

Covers full registration and a $750 travel stipend. Ticketed events with an extra fee are not included in the scholarship but can be covered with a portion of the travel stipend. AASLH will offer up to five full conference scholarships for culturally diverse attendees.
Deadline: June 21, 2024

American Association for State and Local History
Small Museums Scholarships

The $850 scholarship will cover the cost of registration and the Small Museums Luncheon. Any remaining funds can be used to offset travel and/or lodging expenses. To qualify, the applicant must work or volunteer for a museum with a budget of $250,000 or less and either be an individual member of AASLH or work for an institutional member.

American Association for State and Local History
Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko Memorial Scholarship

Eligible applicants include those working in small museums, as either full-time or part-time paid or volunteer employees and who are institutional or individual members of AASLH; and Indigenous persons and those employed as staff members with a tribal organization, program, or collection

National Forest Foundation
Matching Awards Program 

Funds projects that connect people to forests to create lasting change that will allow all communities, especially underserved communities, opportunities to benefit from activities on National Forest System lands or adjacent public lands.. Eligible activities may include public lands days or cleanup days, field trips for schools or collaborative groups, outdoor skills training, Indigenous ecological practices, ceremonies or celebrations related to natural resources, trail or site ambassadors, and nature-based therapeutic activities. Projects must take place on U.S. National Forests or Grasslands or adjacent public lands, and demonstrate benefit to National Forest System lands.
Amount: up to $35,000
Deadline: June 21, 2024

National Endowment for the Arts
Grants for Arts Projects 

Providea  funding opportunities to strengthen the nation’s arts and culture ecosystem. Grants are available for arts projects in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.
Amount: $10,000 to $100,000  
Deadline:  July 11, 2024

Big Lots Foundation
Community Support Grants

Support is provided to nonprofit organizations in communities where Big Lots operates stores (various locations throughout the continental United States), distribution centers, and its corporate office. Support, which is provided in the form of monetary gifts, gift cards, and merchandise in-kind, focuses on the areas of healthcare, housing, hunger, and education, especially programs serving women and children. Priority is given to projects that have a Big Lots associate actively involved. 
Deadlines: January 1 and July 1, annually


Kresge Foundation 
Arts & Culture Grants 

Focuses on Creative Placemaking, an approach to community development and urban planning that integrates arts, culture, and community-engaged design strategies. Grants are made in three specific focus areas: national networks; local systems, and place-based initiatives.
Deadline: On-going

The Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Supports nonprofit organizations that work to improve the quality of life in the communities the company serves in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The Foundation's areas of interest include health and wellness, education, hunger relief, disaster relief, and team sports and youth development.
Deadline: On-going

The National Federation of the Blind and Tactile Images
Museums,  Science  Centers,  and  Cultural  Institutions Grants

Discount (25-50%) on at least three tactile displays using Tactile Images’ technology.
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Preservation Foundation  

Helps Arizona non-profit organizations jumpstart historic preservation efforts in their communities, especially if a historic resource is threatened.
Amount: up to $2,000
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Preservation Foundation
Digital Innovation

To develop digital content delivery tools. Examples include virtual tours, digital exhibitions, augmented reality, or other digital tools to make preservation assets accessible during the COVID-19 event. Grant recipients must make the project available to the public, and allow the project to be promoted by APF. The grant can be used for equipment, staff, contracting, subscription services, or other costs related to the project.
Amount: $500
Deadline: On-going 

U.S. Bank Foundation
Community Possible Grants

Access to Artistic and Cultural Programming & Arts Education funding includes programs that provide access to cultural activities, the visual and performing arts, museums, zoos and aquariums, and botanic gardens for individuals and families living in underserved communities; funding for local arts organizations that enhance the economic vitality of the community; programs that provide funding for arts-focused nonprofit organizations that bring visual and performing arts; and programming to low- and moderate-income K-12 schools and youth centers
Deadline: On-going

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Community Strong Corporate Philanthropy Program

Strengthen and support organizations whose programs benefit the community and help create a healthier Arizona. Grants are provided to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, as well as religious organizations with a nonsectarian program. Funding priorities include the following issues: critical health concerns, the social determinants of health, business and civic engagement, and arts and culture.
Deadline: On-going

AgWest Farm Credit
Rural Community Grants
Provide support to nonprofit organizations for projects that improve rural communities within Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Supported projects include efforts such as building or improving facilities, purchasing necessary equipment to facilitate a local program, and funding capital improvements which enhance a community’s infrastructure or prosperity.  Applicants must have a letter of support written by a current AgWest employee or an active AgWest customer.
Amount: up to $5000
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Humanities

Support innovative public programs that increase understanding of the human experience.    Restricted to organizations with budgets of $500,000 or less (Larger institutions may partner with a smaller institution that will lead the program or project.)
Amount: up to $2,000.
Deadline: On-going

National Council on Public History
Mini-Conferences and After Work Event Grants

Designed to help NCPH members maintain the energy, conviviality, and productivity of the annual meeting year-round.
Mini-Con Collaboration
Amount: up to $200 in seed money
Mini-Con Partnership
Amount: Up to $350 in seed money

National Trust for Historic Preservation
The Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund

Helps to build the capacity of existing preservation organizations and encourages collaboration among these organizations by providing grants for mentoring and other peer-to-peer and direct organizational development and learning opportunities. Fund may be used to reimburse travel costs (airfare, train tickets, taxis and/or mileage reimbursement) and to pay an honorarium to the mentor (maximum of $250/day). Only Organizational Level Forum members or Main Street America members of the National Trust are eligible to apply.  
Deadline: Rolling

Americana Foundation
American Heritage

Supports projects and programs that seek to broaden the inclusivity of early American art and the early American historical narrative to “tell the full story of” the American experience. Examples of eligible projects include interpretation or reinterpretation of art, decorative arts, or other objects of early American material culture (“Americana”) and their placement on public display; internships, fellowships, apprenticeships, and other career development opportunities for people interested in the curation, conservation, preservation, or restoration of Americana; and exhibits, visual media, interactive experiences, and other educational programs that contribute to better understanding or “tell the full story” of the American experience.
Amount: $10,000 to $25,000
Deadline: Rolling

USDA Rural Development
Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program

Provides affordable funding to develop essential community facilities in rural areas. Funds can be used to purchase, construct, and / or improve essential community facilities, purchase equipment and pay related project expenses.  Examples of essential community facilities include: Educational services such as museums, libraries or private schools

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