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Kresge Foundation 
Arts & Culture Grants

Focuses on Creative Placemaking, an approach to community development and urban planning that integrates arts, culture, and community-engaged design strategies. Grants are made in three specific focus areas: national networks; local systems, and place-based initiatives.
Deadline: On-going

The Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Supports nonprofit organizations that work to improve the quality of life in the communities the company serves in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The Foundation's areas of interest include health and wellness, education, hunger relief, disaster relief, and team sports and youth development.
Deadline: On-going

The National Federation of the Blind and Tactile Images
Museums,  Science  Centers,  and  Cultural  Institutions Grants

Discount (25-50%) on at least three tactile displays using Tactile Images’ technology.
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Preservation Foundation  

Helps Arizona non-profit organizations jumpstart historic preservation efforts in their communities, especially if a historic resource is threatened.
Amount: up to $2,000
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Preservation Foundation
Digital Innovation

To develop digital content delivery tools. Examples include virtual tours, digital exhibitions, augmented reality, or other digital tools to make preservation assets accessible during the COVID-19 event. Grant recipients must make the project available to the public, and allow the project to be promoted by APF. The grant can be used for equipment, staff, contracting, subscription services, or other costs related to the project.
Amount: $500
Deadline: On-going 

U.S. Bank Foundation
Community Possible Grants

Access to Artistic and Cultural Programming & Arts Education funding includes programs that provide access to cultural activities, the visual and performing arts, museums, zoos and aquariums, and botanic gardens for individuals and families living in underserved communities; funding for local arts organizations that enhance the economic vitality of the community; programs that provide funding for arts-focused nonprofit organizations that bring visual and performing arts; and programming to low- and moderate-income K-12 schools and youth centers
Deadline: On-going

Hometown Grants

Projects that revitalize community spaces in towns with 50,000 people or less
Amount: up to $50,000
Deadline: Quarterly

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Community Strong Corporate Philanthropy Program

Strengthen and support organizations whose programs benefit the community and help create a healthier Arizona. Grants are provided to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, as well as religious organizations with a nonsectarian program. Funding priorities include the following issues: critical health concerns, the social determinants of health, business and civic engagement, and arts and culture.
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Humanities

Support innovative public programs that increase understanding of the human experience.    Restricted to organizations with budgets of $500,000 or less (Larger institutions may partner with a smaller institution that will lead the program or project.)
Amount: up to $2,000.
Deadline: On-going

National Endowment for the Humanities Division of Public
Public Humanities Projects

Supports planning or implementation of permanent, travelling, and temporary exhibitions, as well development or implementation of interpretive plans at historic sites and the implementation of public programs, such as discussions, workshops, and panel presentations.
Amount: Planning: up to 75,000; Implementation: up to $400,000
Deadline: August 10, 2022

Samuel H. Kress Foundation  
Conservation Grants Program

Supports the professional practice of art conservation, especially as it relates to European works of art from antiquity to the early 19th century. Grants are awarded to projects that create and disseminate specialized knowledge, including archival projects, development and dissemination of scholarly databases, documentation projects, exhibitions and publications focusing on art conservation, scholarly publications, and technical and scientific studies.  Grants are also awarded for activities that permit conservators and conservation scientists to share their expertise with both professional colleagues and a broad audience through international exchanges, professional meetings, conferences, symposia, consultations, the presentation of research, exhibitions that include a prominent focus on materials and techniques, and other professional events.
Submit Letter of Intent: August 15 - September 1, 2022

Arizona Commission on the Arts
Lifelong Arts Engagement Grant

Lifelong Arts Engagement Grants (LAEG) support projects that foster meaningful arts learning experiences in community settings for adult learners of any age. Projects can include, but are not limited to, using creative expression to improve quality of life for older adults, inter-generational projects, and/or providing sequential hands on learning in, through, or about the arts for adult learners.
Deadline: September 15, 2022 

Arizona Commission on the Arts
Youth Arts Engagement Grant

Youth Arts Engagement Grants (YAEG) support programs focused on young people ages 24 and under that occur outside of traditional school hours, and which provide creative expression in safe and nurturing environments, are rooted in youth voices, narratives and perspectives, and utilize the assets of the community being served.
Deadline: September 15, 2022

Teiger Foundation
Curator-Led Contemporary Visual Arts Initiatives

Funds exhibitions, commissions, performances, public program series, related publications, and other curator-led initiatives in the U.S. and U.S. territories that involve contemporary art and artists.
Amount: up to $150,000
Deadline: September 15, 2022 

Costume Society of America
Small Museum Collection Care Grant

Assist the costume and textiles collection of a small museum (including historical societies, historic houses or sites, and other similar institutions) that has a very limited budget and staff. Funding may be used to support the care, conservation, and/or exhibition of costume and textiles that have historic, regional, or other significance and are intended for preservation.
Amount: $1,500

Deadline: October 15, 2022

Costume Society of America
College and University Collection Care Grant 

Assist the costume and textiles collection of a college or university that receives little or no financial support from its institutionFunding may be used to support the care, conservation, and/or exhibition of costume and textiles that have historic, regional, or other significance and are intended for preservation.
Amount: $1,500 

Deadline: October 15, 2022

NASA Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions (TEAM II)
Community Anchor Awards (ANCHR)

NASA TEAM II supports NASA-themed science, technology, engineering or mathematics education, including exhibits, within NASA’s congressionally directed topics of space exploration, aeronautics, space science, earth science, or microgravity. The Community Anchor Awards for TEAM II (ANCHR) funding opportunity supports institutions in strengthening their service as a local NASA STEM informal education community resource.
Amount: $35,000 – $40,000
Deadline: October 18, 2022 


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