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Kresge Foundation 
Arts & Culture Grants

Focuses on Creative Placemaking, an approach to community development and urban planning that integrates arts, culture, and community-engaged design strategies. Grants are made in three specific focus areas: national networks; local systems, and place-based initiatives.
Deadline: On-going

The Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Supports nonprofit organizations that work to improve the quality of life in the communities the company serves in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The Foundation's areas of interest include health and wellness, education, hunger relief, disaster relief, and team sports and youth development.
Deadline: On-going

The National Federation of the Blind and Tactile Images
Museums,  Science  Centers,  and  Cultural  Institutions Grants

Discount (25-50%) on at least three tactile displays using Tactile Images’ technology.
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Preservation Foundation  

Helps Arizona non-profit organizations jumpstart historic preservation efforts in their communities, especially if a historic resource is threatened.
Amount: up to $2,000
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Preservation Foundation
Digital Innovation

To develop digital content delivery tools. Examples include virtual tours, digital exhibitions, augmented reality, or other digital tools to make preservation assets accessible during the COVID-19 event. Grant recipients must make the project available to the public, and allow the project to be promoted by APF. The grant can be used for equipment, staff, contracting, subscription services, or other costs related to the project.
Amount: $500
Deadline: On-going 

U.S. Bank Foundation
Community Possible Grants

Access to Artistic and Cultural Programming & Arts Education funding includes programs that provide access to cultural activities, the visual and performing arts, museums, zoos and aquariums, and botanic gardens for individuals and families living in underserved communities; funding for local arts organizations that enhance the economic vitality of the community; programs that provide funding for arts-focused nonprofit organizations that bring visual and performing arts; and programming to low- and moderate-income K-12 schools and youth centers
Deadline: On-going

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
Community Strong Corporate Philanthropy Program

Strengthen and support organizations whose programs benefit the community and help create a healthier Arizona. Grants are provided to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, as well as religious organizations with a nonsectarian program. Funding priorities include the following issues: critical health concerns, the social determinants of health, business and civic engagement, and arts and culture.
Deadline: On-going

AgWest Farm Credit
Rural Community Grants
Provide support to nonprofit organizations for projects that improve rural communities within Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Supported projects include efforts such as building or improving facilities, purchasing necessary equipment to facilitate a local program, and funding capital improvements which enhance a community’s infrastructure or prosperity.  Applicants must have a letter of support written by a current AgWest employee or an active AgWest customer.
Amount: up to $5000
Deadline: On-going

Arizona Humanities

Support innovative public programs that increase understanding of the human experience.    Restricted to organizations with budgets of $500,000 or less (Larger institutions may partner with a smaller institution that will lead the program or project.)
Amount: up to $2,000.
Deadline: On-going

National Council on Public History
Mini-Conferences and After Work Event Grants

Designed to help NCPH members maintain the energy, conviviality, and productivity of the annual meeting year-round.
Mini-Con Collaboration
Amount: up to $200 in seed money
Mini-Con Partnership
Amount: Up to $350 in seed money

National Trust for Historic Preservation
The Peter H. Brink Leadership Fund

Helps to build the capacity of existing preservation organizations and encourages collaboration among these organizations by providing grants for mentoring and other peer-to-peer and direct organizational development and learning opportunities. Fund may be used to reimburse travel costs (airfare, train tickets, taxis and/or mileage reimbursement) and to pay an honorarium to the mentor (maximum of $250/day). Only Organizational Level Forum members or Main Street America members of the National Trust are eligible to apply.  
Deadline: Rolling

Autism Speaks
Local Impact Grant

Supports community programs throughout the United States that provide people with autism with fulfilling social and educational experiences. Support is provided within the following categories of service delivery: education and training, recreation and community activities, summer camp scholarships, sensory equipment and supportive technology, and young adult and adult services. Programs should reach a wide age range of individuals on the spectrum and provide a measurable impact on the lives of those who participate and their families.
Deadline: October 6, 2023 

Heritage Collections Care Consortium
Positive Leadership in Heritage Scholarship

Funding to attend HCCC’s one-day online course in Positive Leadership and Positive Teams and take part in a half-day coaching session to further develop their leadership skills in a group setting.  For collections care professionals who work in leadership roles within museums, libraries, archives, and historic houses.  Priority is given to applications from countries that have been recently impacted by natural disasters or war.
Deadline: October 8, 2023

Heritage Collections Care Consortium
Emergency Management in Heritage Scholarship 
Funding to attend HCCC’s one-day online course in Emergency Preparedness for Heritage and take part in a half-day workshop based on the Emergency Management Development Programme.  For all heritage professionals worldwide who are responsible for emergency preparedness in museums, libraries, archives, and historic houses and are actively involved in emergency planning and response  Priority is given to applications from countries that have been recently impacted by natural disasters or war.
Deadline: October 8, 2023

Costume Society of America
Small Museum Collection Care Grant

Intended to assist the costume and textiles collection of a small museum (including historical societies, historic houses or sites, and other similar institutions) that has a very limited budget and staff. Funding may be used to support the care, conservation, and/or exhibition of costume and textiles that have historic, regional, or other significance and are intended for preservation.
Amount: $1,500
Deadline: October 15, 2023

Lilly Endowment
Religion and Cultural Institutions Initiative

Planning and implementation grants for exhibitions, educational programs, and/or other activities to provide fair, accurate, and balanced portrayals of the role religion has played and continues to play in the United States and around the world.
Amount: Planning Grant up to $
100,000; Implementation Grant up to $2.5 million
Deadline: October 30, 2023

Daughters of the American Revolution
Historic Preservation Grants

Provides financial assistance for projects that preserve historic objects and sites, including restoration of historic buildings; digitization or preservation of documents/records; preservation of historic items/artifacts; restoration, rededication or relocation of existing historical markers; cemetery headstone and monument conservation.
Amount: up to $10,000
Deadline: October 31, 2023

FAIC/Tru Vue
Conservation and Exhibit Grants

Support projects in glazing applications for preservation and exhibition of museum and library collections.
Amount: up to $3,000, plus a donation of Optium Museum Acrylic or UltraVue Laminated Glass.
Deadline: November 1, 2023 

Council on Library and Information Resources:
Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives

Provides support to digitize rare and unique content stewarded by collecting organizations in the U.S. and Canada. The focus of the 2023-24 call for proposals, Amplifying Unheard Voices, is to support efforts to digitize rare and unique historical and cultural materials that deepen public understanding of the histories of people of color and other communities and populations whose work, experiences, and perspectives have been insufficiently recognized or unattended.
Amount:  $50,000 to $300,000
Deadline: November 1, 2023

Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund
Historic Preservation Grants

Funds historic preservation projects for resources listed in or determined eligible for listing in the Arizona Register of Historic Places (ARHP) and National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).
Amount: $5,000 to $360,000 (40% match)
Deadline: November 3, 2023 

Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame
AZWHF Scholarship

For an individual pursuing a degree in a museum program or a history discipline with an emphasis on women.
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: November 3, 2023

Institute of Museum and Library Services  
Inspire! Grants for Small Museums

Support small museums of all disciplines in project-based efforts to serve the public through exhibitions, educational/interpretive programs, digital learning resources, policy development and institutional planning, technology enhancements, professional development, community outreach, audience development, and/or collections management, curation, care, and conservation.  
Amount: $5,000 to $75,000
Deadline: November 15, 2023

Institute of Museum and Library Services  
Museums Empowered

Support projects that use the transformative power of professional development and training to generate systemic change within museums of all types and sizes.  Museums Empowered has four project categories: Digital Technology’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion;  Evaluation; and Organizational Management.
Amount: $5,000–$250,000
Deadline: November 15, 2023

Institute of Museum and Library Services  
National Leadership Grants for Museums

Support projects that address critical needs of the museum field and that have the potential to advance practice in the profession to strengthen museum services for the American public.
Amount: $50,000–$750,000
Deadline: November 15, 2023

Institute of Museum and Library Services  
Museum Grants for African American History and Culture

Designed to build the capacity of African American museums and support the growth and development of museum professionals at African American museums through projects that nurture museum professionals, build institutional capacity, and increase access to museum and archival collections at African American museums and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
Amount: $5,000–$500,000
Deadline: November 15, 2023

Institute of Museum and Library Services  
Native American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services

Designed to support Indian tribes and organizations that primarily serve and represent Native Hawaiians in sustaining indigenous heritage, culture, and knowledge. The program supports projects such as exhibitions, educational services and programming, workforce professional development, organizational capacity building, and collections stewardship.
Amount: $5,000–$250,000
Deadline: November 15, 2023

Institute of Museum and Library Services  
Museums for America

Supports museums of all sizes and disciplines in strategic, project-based efforts to serve the public through exhibitions, educational/interpretive programs, digital learning resources, professional development, community debate and dialogue, audience-focused studies, and/or collections management, curation, care, and conservation. Museums for America has three project categories: Lifelong Learning; Community Engagement; and Collections Stewardship and Access.
Amount: $5,000–$250,000
Deadline: November 15, 2023

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