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Emergency Preparedness Resources


Alliance for Response (general information)

Alliance for Response Forum Planning Handbook

Alliance for Response Toolkit


State of Arizona Hazard Mitigation Plan

National Heritage Responders
The National Heritage Responders (NHR) respond to the needs of cultural institutions and the public during emergencies and disasters through coordinated efforts with first responders, state agencies, vendors, and the public.

Emergency Response and Salvage Mobile App 
Foundation for the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) Emergency Preparedness & Salvage Wheel  includes simple steps to prep your institution for emergencies and learn to salvage by material type.


Identifying and Mitigating Nonprofit Risk with a Six-Step Crisis Communication Plan     
Katherine Kerr Kubatzky, Blue Avocado December 5, 2022
It is tempting to get into false thinking that nothing bad can happen to your organization. Doing so leaves you unprepared to communicate in a crisis.  Every nonprofit has the same probability of experiencing situations, such as accidents or disasters, that can evolve into crises without proper planning.  The Solution: First assess the risks that your nonprofit faces. Then, using the six steps in this article, develop a crisis communications plan and train key roles in your nonprofit on their role and responsibility. With a plan and training in place, your nonprofit can withstand the worst and continue fulfilling its missio

“Together We Are Strong”: Emergency Associations for the Protection of Germany's Cultural Heritage
Rainer Jedlitschka, American Archivist (2022) 85
This article presents an overview of the creation and development of emergency associations for the protection of archives, libraries, and museums in Germany. This is a response to several wake-up calls, notably the Elbe floods of 2002, the destruction by fire of a significant portion of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar in 2004, and the collapse of the Cologne City Archive building in 2009. The emergency associations have come together on a voluntary basis to offer mutual support in the event of natural and human-made disasters. The author explains the role and success of the new networks. Annual meetings have consolidated regional and nationwide collaboration, and deepened experience and preparedness. Training courses and major incident exercises with fire services as well as the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief form the bedrock of the cooperation.

Cultural Heritage Emergency Preparedness and Response: Guidelines for the OEHS Professional
American Industrial Hygiene Association Museum Working Group (2023)
This white paper introduces OEHS professionals to the risk management needs of CH organizations, and to their well-established, nationwide organizations of CH professionals trained in cultural heritage emergency preparedness and response. It highlights the important collaboration of OEHS and CH professionals to integrate OEHS into their emergency management planning, training, and response. For CH organizations, this white paper introduces the knowledge, skills and abilities OEHS professionals provide in supporting the development and sustainment of their emergency response plans.

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