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Corona Virus Resources FOR MUSEUMS

There are a great many lists of resources available to help individuals and organizations respond to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic.   We have focused this list on resources that we think are most useful for museums. We will be making additions as new material becomes available.    If you know of a resource that you think should be added, please send it to Janice Klein, MAA Executive Director at 

Thanks (and wash your hands).


COVID-19 Resource Hub 
Heritage Emergency National Task Force

COVID-19 Resources and Information for the Museum Field
American Alliance of Museum

Coronavirus Crisis Management for Museums (Financial Information)
Marcum (recorded webinar)


Emergency Funding for Museums during COVID-19
Gallery Systems
Sources of funding in US, Canada, and UK

CARES Act Assistance for Small Business
US Department of the Treasury

CARES Act Guidelines: Grant Program Description  
National Endowment for the Arts


COLLECTIONS (See also Resources under RE-OPENING)

Steps for Collections Professionals
American Alliance of Museums Collections Stewardship Professional Network

Collections Guidance
Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness (COSTEP) MA

Cultural Resources and COVID-19
Explores how COVID-19 persists on surfaces and how you can effectively deactivate the virus while preserving valuable cultural resources from the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS)  

Collections Care Amid Covid-19
Resources compiled by the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) to assist conservators and collections care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Collections Care in the Age of COVID-19
Connecting to Collections Care Facebook Event (recorded)

COVID-19 and Cultural Resources (Preservation in Practice Briefs)
National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

COVID-19 Basics:  Disinfecting Cultural Resources Video 1
National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.  Provides basic information about the virus itself and how it is spread. Includes how long the virus remains on surfaces and what we can do to help deactivate the virus. 

COVID-19 Basics: Personal Protective Equipment Video 2
National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.  Addresses the items needed for personal protection, including risk assessment, protection, use of personal protective equipment, disinfection, homemade masks, and advice on how to help our communities.

Caring for Heritage Collections during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Canadian Conservation Institute Note


Cultural Institution Crisis Response
Museum Study

Management of Aggressive Behavior┬« (MOAB) 
Online Training through International Foundation or Cultural Property Protection (IFCPP) 

Best Practices in Conflict Resolution and De-escalation
Ohio Museum Association Webinar Recording


COVID-19 and Your Volunteer Program  
American Association for Museum Volunteers


What To Do If You Have to Cancel Your Event
Wild Apricot Blog

Coronavirus Impacting Your Nonprofit? Here’s What to Do
The Nonprofit Marketing Blog 

Help! Coronavirus Might Force Me to Cancel My Fundraising Event
Network for Good

What to do if your fundraising event is cancelled due to coronavirus

Tips for Communicating with Donors During Uncertain Times

How to Host a Successful Virtual Fundraiser for Your Nonprofit
Wild Apricot Blog

Why Marketing Matters During COVID-19 Closures – Key Factors to Consider
Know Your Own Bone (Colleen Dillenschneider)

How to Fundraise in the Time of COVID-19
Productive Fundraising webinar (slides)

The Show Must Go On: Producing a Virtual Nonprofit Event

Virtual Events in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Create Connection and Raise Money Using Zoom for Virtual Fundraising Events


The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections
Museum Computer Network

15 Tips for Working Remotely
American Alliance of Museums

Nonprofit Resources for Remote Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak

How To: Super Quick DIY Podcasting for Museums & Other Nonprofits Closed by COVID-19
Better Lemon Creative Audio (Hannah Hethmon)

How to Keep Your Audience Engaged, Entertained, and Inspired in the Age of Coronavirus
Cuseum (recorded webinar)

How to Captivate, Connect, and Communicate with Your Audience During Coronavirus
Cuseum (recorded webinar)

How to reach – and engage – your public remotely
nternational Council of Museums (ICOM)

How Museums Can Experiment with Social Media to Boost Audience Engagement During Coronavirus
Cuseum (recorded webinar)

Launching Virtual Tours Quickly
Association of Midwest Museums Time Looper (recorded webinar) 

Collaborating on Virtual Educational Programs During Coronavirus
Cuseum (recorded webinar)

How to take an exhibition digital
Museum Next

Experimenting with New Digital Revenue Streams on the Road to Reopening
Cuseum Webinar Recording

Re-Opening Museums & Cultural Attractions: Succeeding in the Post-COVID Era with Digital Tools
Cuseum Webinar (recording)

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