Museum Association of Arizona


2015 Museum Association of Arizona

Annual Conference

San Marcos Hotel, Chandler AZ


May 14-15, 2015

Once Upon a ...Museum: Telling All Our Stories  





Thursday, May 14


1:15-2:30 p.m.


A1: Telling Your Museum’s Most Effective Story through Body Language Mastery

            Barbara Chatzkel (New River Group)

A2: Telling a New Story: Rebranding Your Image

              Berlin Loa (The Museum of Casa Grande) 

              W. James Burns (University of Arizona Museum of Art) 

Roundtable: Creating Multi-Sided Stories

            Melanie Deer (Arizona State Museum)

            Jannelle Weakly (Arizona State Museum)

            TJ Ferguson (University of Arizona)

             Davison Koenig (Arizona State Museum)

             Aleta Ringlero (Curator)

             Bernard Siquieros (Tohono O'odham Nation)


Friday, May 15


8:30-9:45 a.m.


B1 Arizona by the Book: ONEBOOKAZ and Reading Arizona

            Michelle Bickert (Arizona State Library)

            Laura Stone (Arizona State Library)      

            Donna Throckmorton (Arizona State Library)

             Cindi Gresser (Smoki Museum)

B2 Marketing: Telling Your Story

            Summer Roth (Musical Instrument Museum)

            Justine Pallas (Musical Instrument Museum)

             Evan Roberts (Phoenix Art Museum)

            Gina Compitello-Moore (University of Arizona Museum of Art)


10:15-11:30 a.m.


C1  Creating a Social Media Strategy

            Madison Barkley (Arizona Historical Society)

            Annie Larkin (Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum)

             Naomi Wetzel McCoy (Amerind Foundation)

C2 Funders Roundtable

            Janice Klein (Museum Association of Arizona)

             Brenda Thomson (Arizona Humanities)

             Morgan Bishop (Arizona Community Foundation)

             Terri Leon (Virginia G Piper Charitable Trust)

Roundtable International Museum Day: Museums for a Sustainable Society

            Tyson Robinson (CAMA, Mayo Clinic)


1:00-2:15 p.m.


D1 We Are Not Alone: Partners, Ghosts and Storytellers

            Berlin Loa (The Museum of Casa Grande)

            Stacy Seaman (BlackBox Foundation)

D2 Stories That Benefit Our Collections

            Marcelle Lunau (Balboa Art Conservation Center)

             Tom Callas (Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego)

Roundtable Political Trailblazers on Campaign

            Nancy Godoy (Chicano/a Research Collections, ASU)

            Joyce Martin (Labriola National American Indian Data Center, ASU)


2:45-4:00 p.m.


E1 Healing Power of Museums

             Tyson Robinson (Mayo Clinic)

             Katherine Kough (Mayo Clinic)

             Morgan Wells (Tucson Museum of Art)

              Christian Adame (Phoenix Art Museum)

E2 Museum Story Telling: Big Picture/Small Frames

            Marcus Monenerkit (Heard Museum)

            Joe Abodeely (Arizona Military Museum)

            Susan French (Tucson Musicians Museum)

Roundtable How We Came to Where We Are Going

            Luke Bate (River of Time Museum)




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