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The Museum Association of Arizona's 2010-2015 Strategic Plan calls for the development of professional assistance services to support the work of Arizona museums.

A survey was made available (via Survey Monkey) to approximately 600 museum professionals throughout the state, asking them to identify which services were of greatest interest.     They were also asked whether they would be willing to join MAA to obtain these services (i.e., services for "members only") and whether they would be willing to pay an additional fee to obtain these services.  Respondents were able to check as many boxes as they wished.

Although slightly less than 10% of our targeted audience responded, the general results show that, while most would be willing to join MAA to obtain these services, few would be willing to pay an additional fee.    There appeared to be less interest in having a Members Only section of the MAA website.   A number of respondents were interested in increased networking opportunities (beyond the Annual Conference) as well as the creation of professional interest groups.

 Click here to read the results Survey Questions 1 through 5.

Click here to read the results of Survey Questions 6 and 7.


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