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Centennial Conference

2012 Annual Conference Program


Plenary Session

Seventh Annual McFarland Forum – Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, “Arizona's 5 C's for the Next Hundred Years”

Historic Women of Downtown Phoenix Bus Tour

Dr. Mary Melcher will conduct an Arizona Women's Heritage Trail bus tour of sites where women lived and worked in downtown Phoenix. Participants will visit the State Capitol Museum, the George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, and the Carnegie Library. In addition, the tour will drive by the Heard Museum; the Jewish Cultural Center; Jefferson Street, where many prominent African American families lived; and Friendly House, a settlement agency for immigrants. This tour illustrates the roles women have played in the cultural, educational, and political life of Phoenix. The bus will leave the conference hotel promptly at 8:30 a.m. and will return by noon.

Session 1A: The State of State Parks

Speaker: Jay Ziemann, Assistant Director, Arizona State Parks

Session 1B: Engaging the Public in History: Translating Primary Research into a General Public Product

Chair: Shelly Dudley, Scottsdale.

Robin L. Pinto, “General Land Office Documentation and Its Value in Studying Settlement in Vail.”

J. J. Lamb, “The Arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad at Vail: Its Influence on the Development of a Community.”

Dennis Farris, “The Voices of Vail Documentary: Combining Research and Oral History to Create Community Connections.”

Session 1C: Storage Wars: Materials and Mounts to Safely Store Your Collection

Chair: Kristen Price Caughlin, Assistant Registrar, Heard Museum.

Panelists: Helen Nosava, curatorial assistant for fashion design, Phoenix Art Museum; Teresa Moreno, associate conservator, Arizona State Museum; Gina Watkinson, Arizona State Museum.

Session 1D: Centennial Story Tour

Chair: Nancy Dallett, Public Historian, ASU Public History.

Panelists: Debbie Abele, Papago Salado Association; John Southard, Researcher/Writer.

Session 1E: Reading the West: The Making of Libraries and Librarians in Arizona

Chair: Cheryl Knott, UA School of Information Resources and Library Science.

Panelists: Cheryl Knott; Jana Bradley, professor and former director; Jamie A. Lee, doctoral student; Sandy Littletree, program manager for the Knowledge River (KR) Project, University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science.

Session 1F: Languages in the State of Arizona: A Legacy of Native Americans and Pioneers

Chair: Patricia A. Etter, Arizona State University emerita.

Panelists: Patricia Montiel Overall, Ph.D, School of Information Resources and Library Sciences; Alyce Sadongei, program coordinator, sr., American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI); Joseph R. Diaz, associate librarian, special collections, University of Arizona.

Session 2A: Wings Over Arizona

Chair: Eric Vondy, State Historical Preservation Office.

Alan L. Roesler, “The Victory Liberty Loan Flying Circus in Phoenix and Tucson, May 1919.” Mary Estes, “612th Squadron: The Air Force Base that Time Forgot.”

Jean Reynolds, “Chandler Airport Stories Video and Website.”

Session 2B: Tale of Two Cities: Mesa Grande and Tovrea Castle as Centennial Legacy Projects

Co-chairs: Thomas H. Wilson, Arizona Museum of Natural History; Roger Lidman, Pueblo Grande Museum & Archaeological Park.

Panelists: Jerry Howard, Ph.D., Arizona Museum of Natural History; Susan Shaffer Nahmias, Ph.D., Ganymede Design Group.

Session 2C: Costume and Textile Collections, Part 2: Exploring Costume and Textile Collections in Tucson and Sedona

Chair: Vicki L. Berger, Ph.D., MAA treasurer and retired costume and textile curator, Phoenix. Panelists: Janeen Trevillyan, historian and collections committee chair, Sedona Heritage Museum; Laraine Daly Jones, museum collections manager, Arizona Historical Society, Tucson; Diane Dittemore, curator of ethnological collections, Arizona State Museum; Andrew Higgins, assistant curator of ethnological collections; Arizona State Museum.

Session 2D: Sunnyslope Museum Celebrates Centennial

Chair: Barbara Kraver, Ph.D., past president/board of directors, Sunnyslope Historical Society and Museum.

Panelists: Connie Kreamer, founder and past president, Sunnyslope Historical Society and Museum; Pat Wilkinson, president, Sunnyslope Historical Society and Museum.

Session 2E: The History of the Acclaimed Site Steward Program: 25 Years of Protecting and Preserving Arizona's Heritage Resources

Chair: Ann V. Howard, State Historic Preservation Office.

Panelists: Peter Pilles and Cedric Kuwaninvaya.

Session 2F: Arizona Recollections and Reflections: An Arizona Historymakers Centennial Commemoration

Chair: Mary Parker, Paradise Valley.

Panelists: Ruth McLeod, Zona Lorig, Leslie Christiansen.


Session 3A: A Re-Evaluation of Women in Early Arizona

Chair: Philip VanderMeer, Arizona State University

Heidi Osselaer, “On the Wrong Side of Allen Street: Female Merchants in Tombstone, 1879-1884.”

Melanie Sturgeon, “The Business of Prostitution: Tombstone and Beyond.”

Paul Hietter, “'Abandoning and Leaving Wife in a Destitute Condition, A Felony': Progressivism, the Political Power of Arizona Women, and the War on Threats to the Home During Arizona's Early Statehood Era.”

Session 3B: Mid-Century Arizona

Chair: Jim Garrison, State Historic Preservation Officer

Douglas Towne, “How Arizona Almost Got Itself into Hot Water: Resource Development Using Atomic Bombs.”

Don Ryden, “Mid-Century Marvels: Commercial Architecture of Phoenix, 1945-1975.”

Jeffrey F. Golner, “Big Surf Waterpark.”

Session 3C: Chosen Generations: Native American Latter-day Saints in Arizona and the Quest for Collective Identity

Chair: P. Jane Hafen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Jessie L. Embry, “Native or European American? LDS Congregations in the Parker/Poston, Arizona, Area.”

Farina King, “Gáamalii dóó Tségháhoodzání: LDS Experience in the Heart of the Navajo Reservation.”

D. L. Turner, “Akimel Au-Authm, Xalychidom Piipaash, and the Papago Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Session 3D: Arizona Archive Community: Updates on Statewide Collaboration

Chair: Jonathan Pringle, curator of digital materials, Northern Arizona University Special Collections.  

Panelists: Libby Coyner, archivist, Arizona State Archives; Todd Welch, digital access librarian; Richard Prouty, coordinator, Arizona Memory Project, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records.

Session 3E: The Power of Partnerships: How Arizona State Parks Manages Its Historic Resources

Speakers: Jennifer Evans, Charles Flynn

Session 3F: Greater Phoenix Emerging Museum Professionals: Connecting a New Generation

Chair: Nancy York, Sahuaro Ranch. Panelist: Nate Myers, curator of collections, Chandler Museum

Session 4A: Pioneer Legacies: Extraordinary Women Who Shaped Arizona History

Chair: Elizabeth Stewart, Tempe

Barbara Marriott, “Ida Francis Hunt Udall: Pioneer Woman, Partner of a Legacy.”

Jan Cleere, “Sharlot Mabridth Hall: Territorial Historian, Preserver of Our Past.”

Wynne Brown, “Luisa Ronstadt Espinel: Artistic Interpreter of Spanish Culture.”

Session 4B: Historical Archaeology in Central Phoenix

Chair: Anne I. Woosley, Arizona Historical Society

Mark Hackbarth, “Archaeological Evidence from Nineteenth-Century Basements in the CityScape Project, Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.”

Todd Bostwick, “An Overview of Historic Archaeology in the City of Phoenix.”

James Cogswell, “A Snowball's Chance: Excavation of an Early Steam- powered Ice Factory in Phoenix.”

Session 4C: Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvent Your Museum Exhibitions

Chair: Judy M. Newland, director and curator of exhibitions, ASU Museum of Anthropology

Panelists: Jared Smith or Josh Roffler, curator/curator of collections, Tempe History Museum; Roger Lidman, director, Pueblo Grande Museum; Ric Ailing, graduate student, ASU Museum Studies Program.

Session 4D: Using Podcasts to Explore Sustainable Agriculture at Sahuaro Ranch

Chair: Nancy Dallett, public historian.

Panelists: John Akers, history programs coordinator, Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area; Mark Pry, historic preservation consultant, History Plus.

Session 4E: Arizona Geography

Chair: Tom Jonas, Phoenix

Catherine H. Ellis, “The Latter-day Saint Settlement of Arizona.”

Marta Dent, “The Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Maricopa County Flood Control District Photo Archives.”

Session 4F: Early Danish Pioneers: Southern Arizona Territorial Days

Chair: Lynn Haak, Globe

Avis E. Jorgensen, “Carrie Hansen.”

Cindy Hayostek, “Hans M. Christiansen.”

Margaret Savage, “Zipporah Elizabeth Nelsen Lofgreen.”

Session 5A: Water in Central Arizona: Updates on the Past and Present

Chair: Douglas E. Kupel, City of Phoenix

Jerry Howard, “Prehistoric Irrigation in the Phoenix Basin.”

Kyle Woodson, “Historic Period Irrigation in Arizona.”

Tim Coons, “How Water Changed the Face of Power in Central Arizona.”

Session 5B: Eyes on Arizona's Natural Treasures

Chair: Rebekah Tabah, Arizona Historical Foundation

Sandy Bahr, “The History of Environmental Conservation in Arizona Through the Eyes of the Sierra Club.”

Richard D. Quartaroli, “Boating with the Kolb Brothers: A Centennial Retrospective of Grand Canyon and Colorado River Photography.”

Michael A. Amundson, “Exploring the Digital Depths: Clyde A. McCoy's 1940 Color Stereo Images of the Grand Canyon.”

Session 5C: Reinterpreting Dr. Chandler and the Greening of the Desert

Chair: Jody Crago, museum administrator, Chandler Museum.

Panelists: Nate Myers, curator of collections, Chandler Museum; David DeJong, director, Pima- Maricopa Irrigation Project; Dr. Robert L. Spude, program manager, Cultural Resources and National Register Programs, National Park Service; Catherine May, senior analyst, Salt River Project.

Session 5D: You're Using Social MediaundefinedNow What?

Chair: Renee Aguilar, visitor services museum aide, Pueblo Grande Museum.

Panelists: Arian Plosza, marketing coordinator, Phoenix Art Museum; John Sallot, director of marketing, Desert Botanical Gardens; Debra Krol, communications manager, The Heard Museum.

Session 5E: Skirting Traditions: Arizona Women Writers and Journalists, 1912-2012

Chair: Brenda Warneka, Arizona Press Women, Inc.

Panelists: Carol Hughes, Sheila Roe, Pam Stevenson.

Session 5F: Creating The Boulevard of a Century . . . or How We Mastered the Art of Boastfulness While Telling the Story of an Unruly and Glorious Territory's Rise to Statehood

Chair: Teresa Makinen, president, Mak Pro Services

Panelists: Karen Churchard, executive director, Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation and Commission; Vince Murray, Arizona Historical Research; Marshall Trimble, Arizona Official State Historian; Janet Waibel, president, Waibel & Associates.


Session 6A: American Indian Leadership and Legends

Chair: Norma Jean Coulter, Phoenix

Peter Iverson, “Securing the Navajo Future.”

Jay Cravath, “Iretaba: Mohave Chief and American Indian Diplomat.”

Stephen Germick, “Legend of Apache Leap: A Re'evaluation.”

Session 6B: Flagstaff Figures in the Centennial Era

Chair: Jim Babbitt, Flagstaff

Kathy Farretta, “Flagstaff's Idea Man: John Weatherford.”

Kevin Schindler, “V. M. Slipher, the Man Who Discovered the Expanding Universe.”

Elizabeth Watry, “Honorary Custodians Without Pay”: Women of the Southwest National Monuments.”

Session 6C: Fundraising Strategies for Collections

Chair: Sharon Moore, registrar, The Heard Museum.

Panelists: Elaine Hughes, collections manager, Museum of Northern Arizona; Carmen Li, preventive conservation manager, University of Alberta Museums and Collections Services; Diane Dittemore, ethnological collections curator, Arizona State Museum; Dennita Sewell, curator of fashion design, Phoenix Art Museum; Ann Seiferle, curator of Latin American Art, Tucson Museum of Art.

Session 6D: Life-Long Explorer Days

Chair: Alice Jung, educational services coordinator, Arizona Museum of Natural History. Panelists: Yvonne Petersen, volunteer coordinator, Arizona Museum of Natural History; Melody Basham, ASU doctoral candidate in educational leadership and innovation, director of Access to Discovery.

Session 6E: Women Who Made a Difference

Chair: Catherine May, Salt River Project

Janolyn Lo Vecchio, “Irene Vickrey: Globe Archaeologist of Besh-Ba- Gowah Ruins.”

Alleen Pace Nilsen, “What Frontier Schools Did for Arizona Women.”

Kathleen Garcia, “Dorothy Goodson Bacon McClintock.”

Session 6E: Women Who Made a Difference

Chair: Catherine May, Salt River Project

Janolyn Lo Vecchio, “Irene Vickrey: Globe Archaeologist of Besh-Ba- Gowah Ruins.”

Alleen Pace Nilsen, “What Frontier Schools Did for Arizona Women.”

Kathleen Garcia, “Dorothy Goodson Bacon McClintock.”

Session 6F: Restoration of the Historic 1891 Second Pinal County Courthouse

Chair: Ernie Feliz, Pinal County grants coordinator

Panelists: Archie Carreon, Pinal County construction branch chief; Jeff Swan, Swan Architects; Gregory Stanley, Pinal County Public Works director; Bill Lukehart, ARCADIS project manager.

Session 7A: The Persistence of Place: An Exploration of ASU History, Architecture, and Cultural Heritage

Chair: Jeremy Rowe, Arizona State University

Robert Spindler, “Building a Future for Arizona Education: The Tempe Normal School Campus in 1912.”

Patricia Olson, “ASU Architecture, Campus Development, and Historic Preservation, 1912-2012.”

Arleyn W. Simon, “Archaeological Discoveries on the ASU Campus: History, Heritage, and Diverse Communities.”

Session 7B: Arizona Beginnings: The USDA Forest Service Was There . . . Before, During, and Afterwards. Part 1

Chair: James McKie, USDA Forest Service

William Gillespie, “Islands in the Desert: The People and Events Behind the Creation of National Forests in Southern Arizona.”

Margaret Hangan, “The Forest Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps in Arizona.”

Peter J. Pilles, Jr., “Historic Resources and the U.S. Forest Service.”

Session 7C: Museum Volunteers: Mission, Marketing and Management

Chair: Marcus Monenerkit, associate registrar, The Heard Museum

Panelists: Jennifer Totem, volunteer coordinator, Phoenix Art Museum; Pam Levin, volunteer support manager, Desert Botanical Garden; Shawn Lawson, volunteers/festivals director, Mesa Arts Center.

Session 7D: Caring for Hazardous Materials in Your Collection

Chair: Nancy Odegaard, conservator and head of preservation, Arizona State Museum

Session 7E: Arizona Women's Hall of Fame: A Continuing Legacy

Chair: Kyle McCoy, Arizona Historical Society.

Panelists: Hon. Bruce Babbitt, Elisabeth Ruffner, Jane Rosenbaum, Reba Wells Grandrud.

Session 7F: NPS-Pipe Springs National Monument Film Presentation

Superintendent John Hiscock introduces and shows “Encounter on the High Desert” documentary history film and “Establishing the Monument” short documentary history feature.

Session 8A: Arizona Beginnings: The USDA Forest Service Was There . . . Before, During, and Afterwards. Part 2

Chair: Scott Wood, Tonto National Forest

Jon Shumaker, “The Origin, Growth, and History of the Electricity Infrastructure in Arizona on Public Land.”

Neil Weintraub, “Collaboratively Protecting, Preserving, and Restoring the Past: Recent Examples of Historic Site Treatments on the Kaibab National Forest.”

Erin Woodward, “Early Fire Detection on the Kaibab National Forest: The Life andTimes of Lookout Trees and Towers.”

Session 8B: Centennial Arizona

Chair: Jim Turner, Tucson

David Devine, “Race to Washington: Why Arizona is the Valentine's Day State.”

Gregory E. Davis, “Harry Austin Davis, Arizona Centennial State Senator from Maricopa County.”

Charles H. Barfoot, “Ditat Deus, 'God Enriches': A Hundred-Year History of Religion in Arizona.”

Session 8C: Chandlerpedia: Using Wikis to Engage New Audiences and Access Collections

Chair: Jody Crago, museum administrator, Chandler Museum

Panelists: Nate Meyers, curator of collections, Chandler Museum; Dan Lee, assistant library manager, Chandler Public Library.

Session 8D: The Secretary of State's Office: What's There for You?

Panelists: Janet Fisher, acting director, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, and Jim Drake, assistant Secretary of State.

Session 8E: Territorial Arizona's Musical Legacies

Chair: Greg Scott, Nogales

Sandra Arazi-Coambs, “Wood That Sings: Indigenous Violins of Central and Southern Arizona.”

Devon Leal Bridgewater, “Old Time Tohono O'odham Fiddle Music: Now All But Gone.”

Don Larry, “Arizona 'In Full Blast': The Brass Band Era in the Old West.”

Session 8F: Sites and Stories

Chair: Erik Berg, Phoenix

Michael A. Freisinger, “Florence's First Jail: The 1882 Pinal County Jail.”

Nancy Lewis Sosa, “Finding Drew's Station.”

Michelle Crowley, “A Look Back at Miami, Arizona, Schools.”

Session 9A: Crime and Punishment

Chair: Gordon Dudley, Scottsdale

Art Austin, “The Man Who Would Not Be Hanged.”

James C. T. Pool, “C. G. W. French: Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Arizona Territory, 1876-1884.”

Lee Hanchett, “Families at War: The Pleasant Valley Feud.”

Session 9B: Movies and Monuments

Chair: Melanie Sturgeon, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records

Mona Lange McCroskey, “Acting From the Very Core of His Manhood: Romaine Fielding in Prescott, 1912.”

Frank Barrios, “Pioneer Cemeteries of Central Phoenix.”

Jane Eppinga, “Arizona's Madonna of the Trail Monument.”

Session 9C: Borderland Stories

Chair: F. Arturo Rosales, Arizona State University

Joseph R. Diaz, “The Life and Legacy of Cipriano Ortega.”

Emanuel Meraz Yepiz, “War Without Borders: The Yaqui War in Arizona Territory,1896-1909.”

Jared Tamez, “'For the First Time, She Had a Pleasing Look': Race, Blood, and Faith in the 1887 Sonoran Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Session 9D: New Ideas for Docent Training: Inquiry Strategy with Tactical Questions

Chair: Michelle Nichols Dock, gallery coordinator, Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts.

Panelists: Mary Erickson, Ph.D., professor of art, Arizona State University; Peggy Moroney, docent, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe History Museum, and Desert Botanical Garden.

Session 9E: 100 Years of . . . .

Chair: Linda Whitaker, Arizona Historical Foundation

Roger Myers, “Book Collectors to Benefactors: Early Arizona Collections and Their Gifting to Public Institutions.”

Barbara Tellman, “Voting in Arizona Over the Past 100-Plus Years.”

Bob Bechtal, “Arizona Centennial Postmarks.”

Session 9F: Saving Our Visual Heritage for Us All: A Collaborative Approach

Chair: Linda Whitaker, Arizona Historical Foundation

Chair: Jody Crago, museum administrator, Chandler Museum

Panelists: Lisa Anderson, director, Mesa Historical Museum; Peter Welsh, museum consultant.


Session 10A: The Arizona Experience

Dr. Michael Conway

Created as part of the Arizona Centennial in 2012, the Arizona Experience explores Arizona’s past, present, and future in a dynamic, 4D multimedia environment, producing a comprehensive story of Arizona through its land, people, history, and innovation with content about the entities, people, and events that shaped Arizona, and using engaging applications and web-based learning tools designed to appeal to teachers, students, and causal site visitors of any age. Join Dr. Michael Conway as he details the genesis and evolution of this important project.

Session 10B: Defining Conflict

Chair: John Lacy, Tucson

Robert F. Palmquist, “A 'Monstrous' Construction of the Law: James Reilly's Fight for – and Against – the Tombstone Townsite.”

Carol Palmer, “Defining Surprise: A Battle Over Community Identity on the Urban- Rural Fringe.”

Karla L. Alonso, “Mexican American Students and the ASU State Press: Exploring the Chicana/o Movement on the Arizona State University Campus, 1968-1975.”

Session 10C: Heads in the Clouds: Can Lofty Partnership Ideas Become Real?

Chair: Gwenn Gallenstein, museum curator, Flagstaff Area Monuments.

Panelists: Aaron Spelbring, archivist, Museum of Northern Arizona; Elaine Hughes, collections manager, Museum of Northern Arizona.

Session 10D: Poster Session: Meet the Authors and Facilitators

Jane Eppinga, Arizona's Specialty Museums; Nancy Cutler, The Museum Educator's Manual: Educators Share Successful Techniques; Janice Klein, Small Museum Tool Kit; John Akers, Phoenix Then & Now.

Session 10E: Ranching

Chair: Susan Irwin, Arizona Historical Foundation

William S. Collins, “The Modernizing Cattleman: Major Trends in Arizona Cattle Ranching in the Mid-20th Century.”

Carole De Cosmo, “The Arizona Farming and Ranching Hall of Fame: Arizona's Agricultural Legacy.”

Norman H. Jackson, “The Cattle Barons of the Arizona Strip: Naegle, Young, Saunders, and Nutter.”

Session 10F: Tough Times

Chair: William Porter, Kingman

Al Bates, “Tough Year in Paradise: Central Arizona, 1863-1864.”

John Southard, “Riches, Ruin, and Recovery: The Economic, Demographic, and Geographic Impact of Route 66 on Flagstaff, 1926-1938.”

Dennis Preisler, “The St. Mary's Food Bank: A Community Comes Together to Help the Poor.”

Session 11A: Junior Bonner: The Making of an American Classic in the Summer of '71

A screening of the iconic Western movie filmed in Prescott, with commentary by panelists. Moderator: Stuart Rosebrook, Ph.D.

Panelists: Screenwriter Jeb Rosebrook, Steve McQueen biographer Marshall Terrill, and Location Manager William Pierce.

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