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Centennial Conference

2012 Annual Conference Workshops


National Register Workshop

Presenters Vivia Strang, SHPO National Register coordinator; Don Ryden, Ryden Architects; and Vince Murray, Arizona Historical Research, will use a case study to cover the application of the Secretary of Interior's standards for the National Register of Historic Places. Sponsored by Arizona Historical Research, Ryden Architects, and the State Historic Preservation Office.

Playwright as Historian

Ben Tyler, executive director of the Centennial Theater Foundation, will instruct participants about writing for the stage, the difference between writing to be heard and writing to be read, comparisons and contrasts to screenplays. The challenges of writing historic pieces will also be discussed, the need for accuracy, good storytelling, plus the limitations and freedoms offered by writing for the stage.

Emergency Preparedness: Mitigating Water Damage in Archives, Records Offices, and Library Collections

Includes an Overview of Emergency Preparedness Planning, including prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. Also hands–on experience recovering wet documents and artifacts.

Legal and Contractual Issues in Using Images in Publications

Photo historian Jeremy Rowe will conduct this workshop, the first section of which will provide a brief overview of copyright and ownership issues, such as when images enter the public domain, "fair use," creative commons licenses, moral rights, and control of images and use fees. The second section will present examples of publication contract verbiage and discuss their potential implications for authors.

Without the Word There is Nothing: A Screenwriting Seminar with Jeb Rosebrook

Provides an introduction to the basic construction of a screenplay and the importance of character development. Includes samples of produced screenplays, recommendation of screenwriting "how–to" books, getting an agent, and ultimately the importance of collaboration between screenwriter, director, and actors. Time permitting, participants will be given a paragraph from a novel and asked to adapt it to a visual, screenplay format.

Costume and Textile Collections, Part 1: Exploring Valley of the Sun Costume and Textiles Collections

Participants caravan in private vehicles to visit three major costume and textile collections: West Valley Art Museum, the Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum. Curators and collections managers will lead behind–the–scenes tours followed by time to visit exhibitions. Chair: Vicki L. Berger, Ph.D., MAA treasurer and retired costume and textile curator, Phoenix; Rebecca R. Akins, MAA newsletter editor and retired museum curator, Tempe. Behind–the–Scenes Tour Hosts: George Palovich, volunteer curatorial advisor to the Board of Trustees and former curator, West Valley Art Museum, Peoria; Diana Pardue, curator of collections, Ann Marshall, VP for Curation and Education, and Sharon Moore, registrar, Heard Museum; Dennita Sewell, curator for design and fashion, and Helen Nosova, Curatorial Assistant for Fashion Design, Phoenix Art Museum.

A Basic Guide to Exhibition Evaluation and Visitor Studies

This practical workshop introduces basic techniques in evaluating exhibits and understanding museum visitors. Starting from what they already know and what they want to know, participants will be guided through a step–by–step design process, covering critical exhibit analysis, observational study, focus groups, surveying, and other evaluation techniques. Chair: Richard Toon, Ph.D., associate research professor, director, Museum Studies, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University.

How to Give a Great Guided Tour: Basics of Interpretation

Museums collect objects with the intent of preserving them and teaching ideas. Interpretation is the art of connecting the visitors to the ideas. In this session, beginning to mid–level interpreters will learn ways to improve tours. Chairs: Kathy Farretta, education program manager, Museum of Northern Arizona; Nikki Lober, park ranger, Arizona Historical Society (Riordan Mansion State Historic Park).

Installation and Design 101: Low–tech Solutions and Installation Tips

Explore easy and excellent ways of solving common installation problems and methods of exhibiting museum objects, art, text, and graphics. Panelists discuss and demonstrate the uses of various kinds of hardware, foam boards, wires, acetates and tapes, and their sources, and then lead a tour of Phoenix Airport Museum exhibitions to see their incorporation. Chairs: Gary Martinelli and Michael Whitehurst, exhibit and curatorial coordinators, Phoenix Airport Museum.

Describing Photographs in Museums, Archives, and Libraries

This workshop introduces participants to current best practices used to describe photographs, whether in a museum, archives, or library. Participants will learn about descriptive tools, standards, and resources. Topics include planning, levels of description, descriptive elements, and access points. Chair: Marcy Flynn, consultant, Silver Image Management.

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