Museum Association of Arizona


2019 MAA Spring Conference 

Arizona History Museum
Tucson AZ

Monday, March 18, 2019  

AccessibilityThe quality of being easy to approach, use, understand or appreciate

Assuring public access to museum collections 

and creating environments and programs that encourage 

high quality experiences for all visitors

 Session Descriptions

11:15 Sessions

ABCs of the ADA 
How the American Disability Act works in museums
Presenter: Eileen Bagnall, ARTabilityAZ

Digitization for Accessibility
Undertaking digitization projects that focus on increasing access to museum collections 
Moderator: Nate Meyers, Chandler Museum
Presenters: Nate Meyers, Chandler Museum
Ryan Ehrfurth and Stephanie Mahan, Arizona Capitol Museum

1:30  Sessions

Learning to Be Sensory Inclusive
Being more sensory inclusive to benefit a wide range of museum visitors, with an emphasis on those on the autism spectrum.
Moderator: Jennifer Rogers, Chandler Museum
Presenters: Mackenzie Masman, Children's Museum of Tucson
Jennifer Rogers, Chandler Museum
Alexis Boglio, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center 
Mike Foley, Phoenix Zoo

Expanding the Volunteer Base
Broadening volunteer and internship programs, to include younger students, people with disabilities, and under-represented members of the community.
Moderator:  Holly Nicolaisen, Tempe History Museum
Presenters; JJ Lamb, Vail Preservation Society
Kendall Crabbe and Marica Doriel Whittemore, Tucson Museum of Art

Accessibility Beyond English
Making exhibit information available to everyone, including non-English speakers and the visually impaired
Moderator: Janice Klein
Presenters: Yazmin Venegas, Spanish Media & Translation Services
Denisse Brito and Emily Earl, Tucson Museum of Art
Chuck Dean

3:00  Sessions

Putting It in Context
Putting difficult or challenging ideas in context to make them more accessible to museum visitors
Moderator: Jody Crago, Chandler Museum
Presenters: Kelsie Nabors, Museum Studies M.A. Candidate, ASU
Jody Crago, Chandler Museum
Amy Oliver, Whipple Observatory

Getting to Know Ourselves
Why and how museums should collect information about their economic and social impact on their communities
Moderator: Richard Toon, Museums and Museum Studies, ASU
Presenter: Victoria South, Museum Studies M.A. Candidate, ASU

Making Children Welcome
Museums that do not specifically have a "family focus" can still respond to the needs of young and very young visitors
Moderator: Tony Thibodeau, Museum of Northern Arizona
Presenters: Kayce Westfall, Cave Creek Museum
Nikki Lober, Riordan Mansion SHP
Katie Volavka, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

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