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Ask your State legislators to support a request from the Governor for $2 million of Federal relief funds for the arts in Arizona
In most years the Arizona Governor, Arizona House, and Arizona Senate work together to decide the budget, which has included $2 million for the arts that is invested across the state.  This year the government is expecting a 10%-20% contraction in the budget due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, however the Arts are expected to take a 100% cut and receive zero dollars from the budget. Now that the legislature has adjourned, the only remaining possibility for support is directly from the Governor’s Office.  Without these funds, Arizona will not be able to get the $900,0000 that the National Endowment for the Arts provides for grants to the Arizona Commission on the Arts

Let Arizona Legislators Know How COVID-19 Has Impacted Your Organization
As you may be aware, the Arizona legislature passed a "skinny budget" on  March 23, 2020, which just included the “essential”.   Not included was funding for the Arizona Commission on the Arts.   When the legislators return, they will be working on a full budget.   The arts community will need to be  ready to provide facts and figures to ensure that the ACA funding is included.   Arizona Citizens for the Arts has created a survey for all arts and cultural organizations to complete so we can make the best possible case for ourselves.    


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